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Whether it’s hybrid and flexible working, competitive reward schemes, Health & Well-being or an inclusive and fun culture, Macildowie has been at the forefront of recruitment careers benefits for over 30 years.

Hybrid & Flexible Working

When we talk about a flexible approach to working we don’t just mean part-time working, condensed hours or temporary adjustments when they’re needed (all of which we consider and support) but also working from a location that suits your needs at the time. Our flexible working environment allows you to manage your own work from home plan, whether you're part-time or full-time.

Pay & Rewards

Macildowie have a very competitive salary and commission scheme which rewards high achievers incredibly well. Whether it’s base salary, bonus or commission, pension, health or any other benefit, we’re proud of the packages we offer. Ask us about our ‘But For Me’ and RPO incentive schemes which reward business development activity with a cash bonus.

Personal Development

Every Macildowie employee has a personal development plan tailored to suit their career goals and aspirations from induction to the leadership team. We use a blended training approach which takes account of how people take in info using external and internal trainers, on-desk coaching, activities and workshops. We often assign a buddy or mentor where we think it will benefit someone and this develops the buddies and mentors too. We also have a vast library of video training content available to curious minds keen on self-improvement.

Career Progression

Our vision is building great futures one career and one team at a time, which includes the career of everyone who works for us. Your progression is mapped out by you and your manager with key milestones made obvious so you always know what’s expected of you to achieve the next level. As you progress there are also some great perks which include extra holidays, private healthcare cover, group income protection, increased pay, bonuses and cash car allowances to name a few.

Our Famous Vegas Trip

As part of our rewards and recognition programme, we take our top performers go to a luxury destination every year. We started in Las Vegas but have been to many other exceptional places over the years including Dubai, Capetown, Singapore, Miami and an incredible safari adventure in South Africa. We even managed a trip to Edinburgh in the covid years (when it was safe to do so). If you’re in the frame you even get to vote for where you’d like to go from the shortlist.

Enhanced Family Policies

We believe that having a family should mean taking the time to spend with your family and not being penalised for it. That’s why we’ve introduced industry leading family policies, including enhanced maternity & paternity leave, to support parents having paid leave (depending on length of service) to help reduce the financial pressure.

4 Paid Charity Days

Life is not all about work. This is something we passionately support. As well as ensuring our own success we want to make a positive change to the world we live in. We believe this is all of our responsibilities, that’s why in addition to our supported charities we provide paid time off each year which our colleagues can use to support charities or projects which are important to them and make a real difference in their communities.

Happy Birthday

Everyone in the business gets at least 33 holiday days, including bank and public holidays and a pro-rata amount for our part-time colleagues. As you develop your career with us we offer even more annual leave with your birthday off, additional days for long service and as your progress into more senior roles. We strongly believe in keeping a healthy balance and taking time off to do the things we love.

Career breaks

There’s more to life than just work and sometimes our people just need a break to go and experience other things. It’s great for personal development, it can make us better people and it may also provide help in our communities where breaks are used for voluntary, charity or education purposes. That’s why we offer career breaks (after a certain period of time working for us) to support people in their life goals but also keep a role available for them to come back to.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

When something happens outside work we know it can affect you in work. So, we want to provide as much help as we can regardless of what the problem might be. This is why every employee gets free access to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) from day 1. Our EAP provides free, professional, confidential and practical advice and/or counselling services to our employees as well as their families. We may not always have the answers but we’ll help you contact those who do.

Flexible Working Tools

We take a dynamic approach to recruitment; sometimes we’re working from one of our offices, sometime from home and sometimes we’re working at a client site or somewhere where we can meet great candidates. Either way, we set you up with the tools and equipment to help you work from where you need to, when you need to and how you need to.

Customer Communities

We run a series of events for our customers that include subject matter experts sharing insights and round table discussions that involve our customers coming together to share ideas and discuss challenges. We’re in a unique position to bring people together from all over our customer base. Our clients (and potential clients) have really appreciated the opportunity to share their challenges with one another positioning us as a business partner rather than a supplier.

Marketing Partners

Here at Macs we have exceptional marketing partners who help you win exclusive clients and candidates. Our highly focused social media campaigns will find you the best candidates or hottest leads, regardless of the role or sector. Our marketing partners are here to work with you, supporting you in your search and allowing you to do the best job you can through developing and implementing strategies targeted to your sector.

Personal Brand Sessions

To help build your digital brand, expand your reach in your markets and support you in building a network that will add a lifetime of value; we provide individual personal brand sessions with our marketing partners. These sessions help you get your social brand set-up and linked-in with our great tech which will take the hard work out of posting content on social channels.

Retention Services

Our Retention Services are designed to help our customers develop people strategy solutions that attract and retain talent. This can include setting visions and values, creating alignment, optimising organisational structures and enhancing the EVP. Our business partners provide the expertise while as a consultant, this allows you to build deeper, more valuable, relationships with your customer base.

Best-in-Class Admin Support

At Macs we understand how frustrating it can be when there are piles of admin that need doing, that's why our best-in-class admin support team is here, they'll take the strain of compliance off you. That'll leave you to do what you do best, finding candidates to fill those roles and smashing your targets! We're a big believer in helping you be the best that you can be and we know how support like this can make a real difference to your job.

CEO of Your Own Desk

Our flexible working model means you can be the CEO of your own desk. We encourage our staff to be creative with how they use their time each and every day. We are here to support you with this every step of the way.

Role Modelling Success

We support you to grow and develop as that’s the best way to ensure Macildowie grows and develops. Two-thirds of our managers joined us with no prior-recruitment experience and have been trained from the ground up, proving that at Macs you can be as successful as you want, no matter your background or previous experience. We will give you regular, honest, feedback that will help you develop, and make sure that you can take advantage of the best opportunities to grow.

Learning Environment

In each office, you will be surrounded by employees with a variety of skills, knowledge and experience in recruitment. They say every day is a school day, and here at Macildowie, this couldn't be truer! Whether you're being coached by someone with 20 years’ experience or joining a discussion on how best to approach a situation with several people, there are opportunities for you to build on your skills, everywhere you look.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds here at Macildowie. As an equal opportunities employer, we believe in the power of an inclusive, diverse and representative team. We welcome everyone regardless of: age, disability, gender, gender identity, gender reassignment, marriage, civil partnership, family & parental status, race, religion, belief and sexual orientation.

360 Degree Support

We know that for all of us to be successful in our roles we need business partners with different skillsets that complement ours. That’s why we have ensured that we have the support teams and systems to help you be the best you can be at what you do. This includes in-house Systems, Compliance, HR and Finance Teams; our own Learning Management System (MacYouniversity), premium recruitment tools including Sourcebreaker and Odro as well as an HR System which gives you access to your information whilst you’re on the move via a handy app.

Success is Recognised

Here at Macs, your success will be recognised. Whether it’s weekly shout-outs to the whole business, quarterly incentives, recognition for community and charity support, employee of the month awards, winning a spot on our famous Vegas trip, or your own career progression plan; your achievements will be celebrated throughout the year. We also host an annual black-tie awards bash, to showcase our teams' successes.

Work-Life Balance

At Macs, we're passionate about our employees having a healthy work-life balance, it's the key to success in both your personal and professional life. All of our colleagues can request flexible working from day 1 with us as we know that having the right balance will help you be happier and able to manage all of those life commitments.

Loyalty is Valued

Loyalty is really valued here at Macs. To say thank you to our brilliant long-serving team members we offer our staff bonuses for 5, 10 and 15 years’ service. For example our CEO has worked for the company for 25 years and counting, which is something we are very proud of.

Everyone has a voice

Whether you've been here for 5 years or 5 minutes we believe that everyone at Macildowie has a voice. That's why we offer regular air time with our leaders, including walks and talks with our CEO, no matter your experience or role. We want your voice to be heard and for you to feel valued, you shouldn't be afraid to get involved or speak up, we're one big team and we all help each other out

Family First

Our CEO often drop off his kids and picks them up from school and you can do the same. Here at Macs we understand that family always comes first and we want to allow you to make that a reality, every day. Whether it's a family emergency, your child being ill, or simply doing the school run, your family can fit around your role at Macs. In fact, it should be a priority.


As a Business, we always support the development of new ideas or the improvement of existing ideas. Our employees play a big part in this and you can directly influence how we innovate. Whether it's a new way to attract candidates or new events that we could run for clients, your ideas will be welcome. At any one time, there are several focus groups running at Macildowie, each of which includes people who are passionate about developing a certain aspect of our employee, client, or candidate services.

Socially Responsible

We care deeply about our community and regularly support local East Midlands colleges, schools and charities; ESG is important to us and it’s our mission to give back. We provide free career skills advice and employability talks with local universities, colleges and schools and support the East Midlands Young Enterprise awards We also run events with local professionals to provide up-to-date thought leadership and career guidance and run the Unprecedented Leadership Project which is a great source of learning for any aspiring leaders.

Environmentally Responsible

The impact that we make on our environment is incredibly important. This isn’t just something we talk about but something we actively work on every day. Whether it’s considering our carbon footprint by monitoring our Carbon Reduction Plan or working as a team through our Environment and Sustainability Group, our main focus is to support change in our business and in our communities.

Macildowie YOUniversity

Macildowie YOUniversity is a carefully curated collection of relevant video training, much of it unique to Macildowie. We use it to support our structured training and enhance our tailored personal development plans. The content covers every aspect of life for colleagues at Macildowie from induction training through topics like advanced social media training to leadership training and everything in between. It’s great for helping map out the development path you want to take at Macs and it’s available 24/7 so you can use it when it suits you.

Top Company Awards

We've recently been awarded the UK's top 10 best small company, the East Midland's top 25 best company, and Recruitment's top 25 best company to work for. Find out more via our video.

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